Diagrams are sideways so they do not dominate text on screen. 

            Real understanding of the “ufo phenomenon” and possible communication with unknown Advanced Intelligence requires a different way of looking at the material, electromagnetic continuum. Electromagnetism is the product of an interdimensional matrix which contains and controls synchronized linear time. The electromagnetic structure is actually more variable than our technical systems now acknowledge. When information in the deeper, hyperspace matrix makes a coherent, molecular electromagnetic shift, this shift is only slightly perceived by the neural system also within the altered area.

Reasons for arbitrary impulses and actions, whether creative or simply reactive, may lie in the future. When I was leaving the resort hotel on Crete, I noticed an arrangement of three large, cement seahorses placed back to back to form the central column of a fountain on the traffic island of the front driveway. For some reason, I had not clearly noticed this sculpture until I was sitting on a bench facing the traffic island and waiting for a taxi to the airport. I photographed this ornate fountain as I was waiting. I did not need to move from the bench. No one noticed me particularly.


            The reason I decided to photograph the fountain , which is not a notable work of art, was simply because I had used a chartreuse crepe paper seahorse in my recent play “The Redecoration According To Currier” as a stage prop in the loot chest of the comic thieves. I knew when the play was staged that my next gig would be a talk on my “fluidice” transduction theory on the Greek island of Crete, and that seahorses are often used in Mediterranean frescos and carvings.

            One actor in the play had complained because the chartreuse seahorse did not fit with the rest of the rest of the assorted items in the chest, which were comic loot from a house robbery conducted whilst possessed by a demon.


 Note chartreuse item center of trunk.

I jested with this actor, Devin Burnam, about being allowed to leave the large chartreuse seahorse in the chest he was carrying in exchange for upgrading the stage prop goodies the thief characters ate from the purloined household items during the scene with the chest of loot. I did not tell him that the purpose of including this anomalous item was talismanic, to tie the  performance of the fictional “Redecoration According To Currier” to the non-fictional but neo-tech lecture on my [fluidice//traction fluidice] matrix model for non-local signal transmission.

            I did not consciously know that the hotel where the technical conference would be held would actually sport a sculpture exactly like the full-bodied crepe paper seahorse times three.


            Now, in this instance there was an awareness of somewhat the “meaning” of the seahorse configuration in the original, arbitrary placing of the model seahorse, which was bought on a whim at a party supply store while buying other “thief chest” stage props such as giant play money and tinsel for the lid of the loot chest. However, I did not simply have an “awareness of Mediterranean frescos” when I chose to add an anomalous chartreuse seahorse to the other stage props. Also on these frescos and carvings, in Italy and Greece, are octopus designs as well as seashells and other deep-sea items. I had the clear intent—magically, as it were—to positively connect the dramatic present with the theoretical physics future. As a matter of fact, the stay on Crete and the reaction to my talk—which will be published with other papers in a book this November (2001) –was upbeat and enjoyable. Unexpectedly, I was called upon to be a lead folk dancer in party demonstrations when other scientists also speaking at the conference were too shy to participate. So there was actually a performance link to the technical conference which I had not logically anticipated. I am, by the way, trained in folk dance from years ago. But when it became apparent that I had been selected suddenly as a demonstration dancer the effect WAS much like being handed a large chartreuse seahorse. Would I have a heart attack? Would I fall off the small wooden stage into the sea behind the stage curtain? A surprise item in the clown chest was the dance performance.

            Also, as I suppose, linked to the future tech-dance presentation in configurational time the surprise existed in non-local information matrix before I received the surprise. Thus it is no surprise that I insisted on lamely surprising or mystifying the actors with the anomalous crepe paper stage prop BEFORE there was an actual party context for it..PHOTO 4—SEAHORSE SURPRISE EVENT DIAGRAM

            There is another sort of configurational time perception which is not as neat and retroactively comprehensible as the chartreuse seahorse surprise model. Usually, this more complex non-local event matrix will involve an event or object perceived as an anomaly in the present  which is linked to past/future events and/or objects in a way which makes the strictly local perception of this event/object incomplete.




In the “seahorse surprise” example, there is an obvious symbolic connection between past and future sightings of this stylized sea creature. The event configuration is simple. According to certain theorists, the fountain sculpture in the future, land marking the hotel conference, may have sent an image into the past, causing the arbitrary placement of the crepe paper seahorse effigy into a play performance context completely devoid of Mediterranean fresco references. 

            This is indeed simple. It is not so simple when an anomalous event is not irrationally “placed” for a later, traceable reason but simply “happens” in some unaccountable way.

            In late June of 2001,I had come into Manhattan to have my Sony Broadcast Walkman repaired and, having dropped this off at Sony headquarters on Fifth Avenue, was sitting in a coffee shop taking messages on my cell phone. A FAX received at the Magick Mirror mail reception service earlier that afternoon was of a contract signed in February with Musical Theater Works for a performance in March 2001.

            I did not initially realize the FAX received in June was from the past and thought Musical Theater Works wanted to contact me in the present for some reason. Without having seen the date on the FAX, which did read “February 2001”, I took the message by voice from my reception service and tried to reach Musical Theater Works from my cell phone. The line was busy. Later, I would see that this transmission in late June was an unsigned FAX of the original contract which had long ago been signed. This was puzzling but perhaps some esoteric clerical mistake.

            Much later, as I was sorting and making neat my “projects pending” table in late July, the answer to the “FAX from the past” conundrum would occur to me. Of course! The Sony Walkman taken to be repaired on the day the anomalous FAX came in from the past was used in July to record a tape of songs for the NUFOC ’38 UFO Conference in Austin in September.

            The contextual connective here is the performance of music for a special event. The Musical Theater Works contract had been for a special performance of “Redecoration According To Currier”  as part of a citywide “Poetry Performance Weekend”. No earth-shaking significance, but a casual connection extended in time. For a problem with the Musical Theater Works performance as poetry had been the initial inability of one actor to learn the show music until it was re-recorded on the (then) occasionally-malfunctioning Sony Walkman, which had botched the original recording. This problem was solved and the actor learned the songs very well for performance. But it was a source of stress in rehearsals. Which Walkman tape would be OK? Would the vocal coach like the Walkman tape?; and so on.

            It can be seen in retrospect that the fact that the “wounded” Walkman worked by luck well enough to make the several demo tapes for the actor in February did cause the Musical Theater Works performance to actually happen. Otherwise, the actor might not have been able to learn the songs at all. There was not time then for a repair. Batteries had spilled out into the sound mechanism in a way completely undetected until the recorder was used in rehearsal.

            I had, during the musical emergency, projected healing energy toward the wounded Sony Walkman, hoping it would revive to record the demo tape. It did. Just for that one session. Somehow the redundant blank contract for an event which had already happened relates to the possibility that the actor might not have co-operated  had the wounded tape recorder not anomalously functioned for one session. Maybe the blank contract from the past which came into the Magick Mirror reception service on the same day in July—two months after the actual performance—that the wounded Sony Walkman was finally taken in for repair actually came from an alternate future or destiny in which the Musical Theater Works performance never occurred because the wounded Walkman did not function.



            The wounded Walkman, of course, functioned because I bid it to function in a shared context wherein it was also important to others at the rehearsal that the actor insecure with the music get the right tape. I wonder why there has not been more research into “changing the future” rather than simply “predicting the future”.

            It is quite possible that the “ufo appearances” which so puzzle the percipients are actually communications intended to interrupt the ordinary flow of events with some additional message or insight. But not a strictly comprehensible, linear message. I was aware of this “message interjection” effect before the advent of the Internet and used to call it: ”The injection of information, as in a timed-release capsule.  Now I occasionally refer to this effect as a “download of information which can then be effectively realized only over an extended period of time.”

            Yet, this “download” concept implies a finished multidimensional matrix which is delivered (by the reproduction of a saved pattern) into the linear memory and neural system available to computer-enhanced human cognition. I do not think this is exactly the correct analogy in all cases. The actual, interruptive and multidimensional communication seems to be more like the opening of a facilitated ‘hyperlink” to an information matrix which is outside the coherent sine wave pulsing of linear, electromagnetic matter/time.

            I have written elsewhere [1] about my concept of the [fluidice//traction fluidice] matrix model of interdimensional transduction. But this following diagram and example is the first description of the traction fluidice//fluidice hyperlink which has been written for publication First, I will narrate a recent “ufo light” sighting which occurred concomitant with a synchronous email correspondence. Then I will show an event diagram of the ufo light “cat tail//marsh” matrix.

            AS FOLLOWS:

 Hi Gary--
Tonight at shortly after four a.m. I woke and looked out the front window. There in the sky was a type of "ufo" event I have never seen before but have heard described: the oscillating triangular "skirt" or "hat" effect. I painted this as I had already prepared a black canvas which was blank. The black, of course, being the night sky. As I gaze at the image I have painted, I once again find the situation difficult to believe. On top of that, I just now accessed your email about Martian life and read a bit of the data. My thought is that though water is important for terrestrial organic life it may not be as important we conceptualize. Whatever "else" is not in the accepted systems (See my fluidice matrix formulations) certainly that "else" may also be on Mars undetectable to our crude instrumentation.

In a message dated 8/23/01 12:09:01 AM Eastern Daylight Time, writes
The no-liquid-water argument is also shown to be flawed.  Empirical data demonstrate that water does exist in liquid phase under ambient atmospheric pressures and temperatures existing on the surface of Mars.  NASA’s June 22 press conference announcement that the Mars Global Surveyor found extensive evidence of current liquid water on Mars adds ground truth validation.  The July 10, 2000, report of indigenous microorganisms fully metabolizing in sub-freezing South Pole snow where little, if any, water is available, demonstrates the possibility for life on Mars.  A leap of faith is no longer required concerning the possibility of indigenous microorganisms on Mars.




Re: NASA faked moon landings!!--maybe air-brushed a few photos--aerial energy skirt


8/23/01 6:12:30 AM Eastern Daylight Time

To: wrote:
> Hi Gary--
> Tonight at shortly after four a.m. I woke and looked out the
> front window.

Thank you for your reply MagEugenie!

> There in the sky was a type of "ufo" event…. certainly that
> "else" may also
> be on Mars undetectable to our crude instrumentation.

Of course, but even some terrestrial type microbial life,
of a toughened sort, can hold its own on Mars.  I am
anticipating analogues to ice worms and often hibernating
armored arthropodoids which can rest for eons between
splashes of water at least during a Portion of its life history.

Cat Tales to you too!  My mind reached to walking between
the foundry and train depot in Perry, Iowa, early 1950's and
late 1940's, seeing 'Cattails' ...

Why are so few people
so open-minded and creative
as YOU are?[2]!
PS: I am suffering a difficult and uncommon
physical conditions, ..




Re: NASA faked moon landings!!--maybe air-brushed a few photos--aerial energy...


8/23/01 9:22:50 PM Eastern Daylight Time




In a message dated 8/23/01 6:12:30 AM Eastern Daylight Time, writes

Cat Tales to you too!  My mind reached to walking between
the foundry and train depot in Perry, Iowa, early 1950's and
late 1940's, seeing 'Cattails' ..

Hi Gary--
  One of the most memorable of my time warp experiences occurred at Cranes Beach in Ipswich, Mass when I missed a ride after a concert/poetry reading and had to walk back toward town through the marsh area (Cat tails).Perhaps you think of this spontaneously as associated with my "aerial skirt" (I know it's an energy form.) experience here. To make a long story short: a car slowed beside me as I was walking through the mists and the driver, who looked vaguely familiar to me, told his adolescent son "Eric" to open the door of the car so I could ride with them. It is not characteristic of Macer-Story to hitchhike or accept rides from strangers. But the mists were thick. I was slightly frightened because I could not see through the fog. At any rate, once inside the car I had a very strange impression. I felt the driver and his son were "impersonating" psychiatrist Berthold Schwarz--with whom I had just begun to correspond about my ufo sighting near Ipswich--and his then teenaged son Eric. Very uncomfortable inwardly, I held a social conversation with the driver but refrained from telling him my exact address. I was then still married and we owned a home in Ipswich. They let me out at the central intersection of that small town and I walked home. When I got there, my husband was incredulous:” Where were you?" he asked." I came to pick you up. You weren't there. I WAS on time." I glanced at the clock on the wall and felt crazy and faint. The clock read ten minutes after the reading had ended at the Cranes Beach Estates. This was impossible as I had walked and then ridden for longer than ten minutes in the marshes. My husband remembered only driving out to the Cranes Beach Estates,[3] not seeing me in the crowd and driving back to put our young son to bed. This would have taken about ten or fifteen minutes. Where was I? What happened in the marsh? The marshes near Ipswich are reputed to be haunted and a variety of strange appearances have been seen there.

Why are so few people
so open-minded and creative
as YOU are?!

They have not been given a lift by simulacrums[4] in the marsh.
PS: I am suffering a difficult and uncommon
physical conditions

I am sorry. I wish I could help you. I think there are entity presences which cause your illnesses via your own strong mental abilities.

PHOTO 7—“cat tails/marsh/Mars” matrix

            Continual, configurational change occurs in the topological “fluidice” matrix and is transduced into the electromagnetic time/matter continuum by a “traction fluidice” hyperlink. This fluidice//fluidice hyperlink is analogous to the “shortcut” link to a website location which can be installed in the hard drive of a computer. The site itself, with bulky display information and graphics, is not installed on the individual hard drive. A fast link to the site is installed so that each time the link is accessed the same lengthy search & fetching process is not necessary.

            These “fluidice hyperlinks” are similar to the “huna cords” used in traditional Polynesian sorcery practices. It is interesting that ancient peoples  who did not have electrical wiring called these living information pathways “cords”. Perhaps the original huna practitioners were thinking by analogy of the umbilical cord or the heart/vein system of the human body. Or they were thinking of the tentacles of the many deep-sea creatures in the waters surrounding the Polynesian islands.

            The “traction fluidice” (Somewhat similar to Hindu “prana”) which pervades both inert matter and the organic systems of living bodies serves to maintain structure and self-integrated function. This subtle substance of structural coherence is a living substance/energy, more like blood, cerebro-spinal fluid or endocrine secretions than like plain water.

            When certain people claim they have “live water” or “dead water” perhaps they mean water with or without discernable “pranic” presence. The Hindu “prana” is a combination of the “traction fluidice” substance and a formative “mind field”. All water will have latent “fluidice hyperlinks” in the nuclei of the atoms. But not all water (or any other material structure) will have those links in the nuclei actively being manipulated by a self-organizing mind field or “logos”.

            In a previous talk on “fluidice enhancements”[5] I have elaborated on the presence of interdimensional transduction sites in the cerebro-spinal and neural synapse fluids. Please look at this previous material if you are interested in specific applications of the “fluidice” theory to anatomy and physical medicine. In this present talk I  have discussed more particularly the traction fluidice hyperlink to the fluidice matrix and how this model might assist in understanding non-local perception, “ufo” experiences and anomalous material objects.

PHOTO 8:”fluidice//fluidice memory” matrix

            Also, this matrix model serves to illustrate how false memories , alternate futures and parallel universes might be conceptualized as analogical “cache copies” of an alternate website which was not preferred or is not at the moment appropriate. One key to the preferred matrix may be that it has access shared by more than one fluidice hyperlink.  Note that there is one email in the “cat tail/marsh/Mars” matrix which simply has the subject heading YES and then repeats without comment a “reply copy” of the entire “cat tails/marsh/Mars time warp” description.[6]This information matrix is suddenly viable within the larger logos. It is not necessary to do more than make a YES “fluidice hyperlink” to it.

            Other matrices concerning these events still exist in the master fluidice matrix but they are “alternate interpretations” for the moment latent. In the past or future an attempt might be made to fetch these alternate destinies and/or interpretations as an active, viable pattern. This attempt would be made by self-organizing or deliberate mental action in whatever present material anchor point which tries to force a link between the traction fluidice and fluidice matrix in order to cause material and/or interdimensional change.

            Such sorcery is possible, activated by the incarnate human mind and/or by discarnate spirits and other types of living intelligence termed demons, angels .fairies, djinn or such. In all forms of sorcery a link is made by the mind of the human practitioner either directly with the [fluidice//traction fluidice] self-organizing matrix or with a living intelligence whose logos is more closely hyperlinked to the fluidice matrix.

            The way in which my perception of “ufo events” may differ from from the perception of these interruptions by those unfamiliar with the practice of sorcery is that I regard these events as communications with intelligences who are trying to hyperlink into the present o actualize a certain matrix function. Some of these matrix hyperlink attempts are positive to my destiny, and some are potentially negative. I think that a negative matrix hyperlink can be altered or reversed. The principle is exactly the same as discovering there is a mistake in a current website and uploading a slightly altered website. The problem is the “password”. Abracadabra or Open Sesame?

            Note that the example of configurational time perception which resulted in the “cat tail/marsh/Mars” matrix occurred literally just at the time I was redrafting the text of this talk and had paused in the draft after a note to myself which read: ”fluidice hyperlink diagram”. I was all ready to illustrate and explain the concept but had not yet chosen an example. The example in some respects chose me by happening when it happened but including the synchronicity in the text was my call. I was not placed in trance and directed to include the Cranes beach experience. Nor was I directed NOT to include this example.

            As a reporter on interdimensional events, I include this example because the “ufo light” sighting actually occurred while I was writing text relevant to the concept of non-local matrix connection and because the “cat tail/marsh” email connection was in the minds of two people not just a lone percipient.

            During the two days following the triangular energy skirt sighting, another more practical “matrix communication” of similar style happened which I do not include in this talk because it was strictly a private indicator on practical transactions and not an easily diagramed communications example.

PHOTO 9: first impression of aerial “skirt  or energy form.

I do include here a photo of the first sketch of the “ufo light” which was completed on 8/23/01. Since then, a more finished painting has evolved which is not simply of the light form but includes other associative matrix elements.


[1] USPA & WSES-IEEE Proceedings 2000-2001. Contact  or Customer Service.for historical and archive references.

[2] Though it may seem impolitic to include this response, this IS what Gary wrote. The comment will be answered on the next page, next email.

[3] Did he actually drive there? Or is this also a false memory?

[4] In medieval European sorcery lingo, the astral or energy image of the magician which appears as seeming to be the solid body of him/her or other familiar people, objects  &/or animals.

[5] See USPA Proceedings 2001 or order from Fluidice Enhancements.Box 858. Woodstock,N.Y. 12498.

[6] Available in Magick Mirror archives.   Customer Service form.


Subj: phlogiston
In a message dated 3/11/01 12:33:42 AM Eastern Standard Time,
Gary Ford writes:

<< phlogiston >>

COMMENTARY by E. Macer-Story

This is actually a very interesting theory in the light of modern experimentation with--as one example--spoon bending. Some type of energy makes the metal become hot and supple briefly .Analysis by Jack Hauck has shown that the molecular structure of the PK bent spoon metal is different from molecular structure of metal bent by heat and/or force. One possibility is that a "fluid" much like the supposed phlogiston (which was supposed to catalyse combustion) is actually active in altering molecular structure in instances of PK and spontaneous combustion.
Best--Eugenia Macer-Story

A detailed comparison of the old phlogiston theory with the modern fluidice theory occurs in the paper FLUIDICE ENHANCEMENT: THE USE OF SPECIFIC MATERIAL DEVICES TO ENHANCE HUMAN COGNITION presented in July 2001 for the U.S. Psychotronics Association and available in 2001 USPA Proceedings or through

In a message dated 12/5/00 11:57:13 PM Eastern Standard Time, CloudRider writes:

<< ARKTOS: The Polar Myth In Science,

 > Symbolism and Nazi Survival." by Joscelyn Godwin, 1992.  >>

COMMENTARY by E.Macer-Story

    It is interesting that you should mention Joscelyn Godwin, who has also written about the use of musick in magical practices. For yesterday I sent out the following inquiry. Without seeing this inquiry (as I suppose) you have answered my question. As I think, persons familiar with this type of sorcery--on the level of scholar Godwin's probings & interested seriously in an elitist (neo-Fascist scheme) are being talismanically troublesome in my environment. Note that by coincidence scholar J. Godwin is also located in N.Y. State!! See yesterday's email below.

Subj:       Re: Message from Bhaktivedanta Institute, India---musical psychycotronics

In a message dated 00-12-05 14:47:43 EST, Jack Sarfatti writes:


<< here are profound "psychotronic" applications of

 this kind of knowledge of course. >>

Good Afternoon Jack--

     At about 4 p.m. I entered the Magick Mirror Space in NYC from an errand to see that the answering machine on my desk was just shutting off after a call. The person who had been sitting at a desk at the other end of the large room said he heard nothing. When I played the tape back, there were three clusters of electronic sounds in a hollow, descending modal tone accompanied by a woman's voice saying indistinctly "there" or some other such interjection after each cadenza. Very interesting! I am glad I have a witness in my office tennant Pierre C. For when I had first moved into this space three years ago there was wierd vandalism which took the form of musical notes written on the central support column of the room in pencil & felt pen marker. A photo of these grafitti is in my article THE PHILOSOPHICAL DOUBLE CROSS now posted on Magonia Online magazine. So the musickal would-be sorcerors are "at it" again!! Any feedback on persons known to practice "sorcery by soun" would be appreciated.

   Best--Eugenia Macer-Story

Subj: Re: Jack's physics & thinking. (#3, then he's forced to shift gears)
Date: 12/5/00 11:57:13 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: CloudRider (Dick Farley)

#3 in this sequence, re Jack the ETI Prodigy!

So, after the last one, in which he read AND REACTED in his knee-jerk temper style, he read my subsequent one to the larger list, which reflected careful and reasoned thinking, documented scholarship by somebody "not myself," and it went to the heart of the matter in ways Jack didn't know he didn't know. Uh, oh. So he had to come back, like a "Well, smarty pants...if YOU know so much, do you know THIS?" Begrudgingly asking me if I've got something to add to this discussion. It's how he paints himself into a corner, then... the way we used to get out of the old "Adventure" computer game, when we were boxed in at the end of a cave we'd simply say "Magic!" and "Poof," we'd be in the Throne Room of the Mountain King!

Jack believes that, as a kind of self-anointed "emissary" from beings he can't quite recall and can't quite describe for a mission he can't quite remember, but which in any case MUST be "very important" because Jack is central to "All That Is And Is Going To Be," (and he TRULY believes this, although he's balanced his life with a large physique to match his enlarged persona and ego, something a scientist on a frontier needs, like a surgeon or a fighter pilot), all knowledge passes through him.

When somebody comes in "from outside of his group," he is threatened. More so if the "new knowledge" has potential for eroding the primacy he believes he has in the group, but REALLY troubling when (as may have happened to Ira vis-a-vis Holly) it threatens to topple his own internal "house of cards" or collapse him to NOTHING!

In Jack's diatribes against some of us who he believes "go up against him," he has projected what he fears most. That being, he fears himself being "not even wrong."
Subj: Re: (Farley replies to Schwann, re ARKTOS, et al.) Re: Nazi UFO Theory?
Date: 12/5/00 11:17:24 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Dr. Jack Sarfatti)

OK Mr Know It All Farley Bird do you know anything about this query?

"Frank Lauria wrote:

> Jack, trying vainly to get info on Father Swartz(?}
> a catholic priest who was part of the Nazi inner circle.
> Any help?
> Frank

A technical note: Our educated guess is that the flying saucers are actually Star
Gates. When they rotate they open up a Star Gate and it can be done with modest
amounts of energy. What we have is a kind of Josephson tunnel effect since the
quantum vacuum is superfluid. There is a resonance f = Barrier energy/h, as in AC
modulation of the DC potential difference effect where Barrier energy is 2eV and f
= 2eV/h, that makes a net current flow across the thin hyperspace distance
separating the mouths of the wormhole. There is a self-consistency condition from
integrating the stress-energy flows into and out of the floating disk volume of
rotating geon ~ R^2r with a strong G(R/r)^n inside the geon volume. One also needs
to include the unseen n dimensions in the stress-energy tensor flow computation.
The team made some progress in this direction today.

Wheeler's geons are significant here for UFOs because the effective G' is very big
inside the geon. Suppose we want to use no more that a gigahertz i.e. f ~ 10^9 Hz

E = hf ~ 3 10-18 ergs ~ 10^12 x 10^-18 ~ 10^-6 ev

Planck scale is 10^19 Gev ~ 10^28 ev

So ratio of energy scales is 10^28/10^-6 ~ 10^34

But the energy scales as G^-1/2 (e.g. Mplanck = (hc/G)^1/2)

Therefore, G'/G(Newton) ~ 10^68 ~ (R/r)^7

Thus R/r ~ 10^10

For a flying saucer with R ~ 10 meters,

r ~ 10/10^10 meters ~ 10^-9 meters ~ 1 nanometer ~ 10^-7 cm ~ 10 Angstroms.

R and r have dual properties in both hyperspace and ordinary space. wrote:

> [Farley]
> This info, which I'm sharing in response to Schwann's query, to me
> illustrates the richness of the "UFO field," as broadly defined, which is
> what I attempted to reflect in my "Matrix of UFO Beliefs" we prepared for the
> President in support of Laurance Rockefeller's "UFO Disclosure Initiative" to
> the Clinton White House. CIA disinfo that they (the White House, Science
> Advisor Jack Gibbons and the Agency) were just "trying to protect the
> President" from getting too close to Rockefeller's inquiry, ring just as
> hollow as the "hollow earth" theories which figure obliquely to what follows.
> In a message dated 12/4/00 5:24:48 AM Eastern Standard Time,
> writes:
> [Maccabee, re Farley's]
> > And so Corso was knowingly
> > >passing out Nazi secrets, but years later he says that they were from
> > >"outer space."
> > >
> > >The Nazi UFO theory has been around for over 40 years. It has been
> > >kicked...
> > >pehaps I should say jackbooted, to death.
> > >May it RIP..
> > >
> [Schwann]
> > Have you heard any evidence regarding the missing Nazi U-Boats which
> > supposedly loaded all the Reich's 'Super Weapons', then headed
> > 'South'...never to be seen again. Or maybe there were some rumors of a
> > quick resupply somewhere in South mebbe it goes something
> > like this;
> >
> > "three clicks under the South pole lies their base, where androids are
> > manufactured in rows of see thru vats under licence from Draconis to fly
> > craft imported from the Annedotti of Sirius 3"
> >
> > in fact, a U-Boat enthusiast i know (not involved in UFOs) spent some time
> > trying to research the numbers of the boats, but was unsuccessful.
> >
> > for an idea of the pole at the time, your own Admiral Byrd has a name which
> > was possibly a prompt for said members to call themselves part of the
> > 'Aviary'....Byrd must have been a charismatic man....see the very
> > interesting video of Byrd's '46/7/8(?) invasion of Antarctica, including a
> > submarine (which they lost), and jet bottle powered DC-3s
> > lauched off aircraft carriers..stirring stuff for the '40s...very Indiana
> > Jones..
> > best,
> > schwann

> [Farley]
> I've got a couple of references you might find responsive to your question.
> 1.) The first is the "fiction" book I made passing reference to in my just
> previous reply to Maccabee, copied it appears to much the same list as yours.
> It is "Genesis," by W. A. Harbinson, and it's notable for some of his
> footnotes and bibliographical references, drawn from ostensibly non-fiction
> writings in Italy, supposedly from Nazi documents that deal with this very
> question about the Antarctic SS base. This book perhaps inspired some
> elements of "The X-Files Movie," although it ended differently. But it did
> explore a lot of the emotional elements inherent in digging into UFOlogy
> deeper than its primary "drivers" would like. Sort of like, "be careful what
> you 'ask' for." It is worth exploring, as are the next couple of books from
> this author to see a context.
> (I mean, Whitley Strieber has spoken to some of us about his perceiving that
> he was under the "influence" of his now famous "Communion" visitors while he
> and James Kunetka were co-writing "War Day" and "Nature's End," both of which
> have themes resonant with "UFO ET messages" about atomic war and
> environmental disasters.)
> 2.) The second one is a non-fiction book: "ARKTOS: The Polar Myth In Science,
> Symbolism and Nazi Survival." by Joscelyn Godwin, 1992. Published by and
> maybe still available from Phanes Press, P. O. Box 6114, Grand Rapids, MI
> 49616 USA.
> To order from a retailer (paperback, 260 pp., $16.95), use ISBN
> #0-933999-46-1.
> Remarkable for its bibliography and all of its footnotes, it is scholarly yet
> tightly written and penetrable. The author was born in England, and at the
> time of this book he was teaching at Colgate University in New York state.
> His specialty seems to be scholarly books and translations related to the
> Western esoteric traditions. In "ARKTOS" there is considerable overlap with
> "retail UFOlogy," fringe science and of course, Nazi philosophy and the SS's
> belief system. The blurbs say it was favorably reviewed in "Gnosis Magazine,"
> and John Michell, author of "The View Over Atlantis" termed Godwin "protected
> by his firm-rooted sanity and scholarship" who enters "deep and perilous
> waters and returns with astonishing news from the underworld. The creatures
> he encounters are not just imaginary phantoms, but border constantly upon
> reality and, in times of change, threaten to rise up and overwhelm the minds
> of a generation." (Obviously a characterization that could apply to "UFOlogy"
> and an indication of why "ARKTOS" bears heavily on how we may "diagnose"
> UFOlogists.)
> Among the elements of this book I found particularly fascinating is its
> discussion of Willy Ley, a German rocket engineer who came to the US in 1933
> and became an author of popular scientific books. (His "The Russian Space
> Bluff" was a classic, and was not received with good humor by Robert McNamara
> and other architects of the US "missile gap" scam by which Kennedy helped
> himself win the 1960 election!) In a cited article by Willie Ley called
> "Pseudoscience in Naziland," Ley wrote about the founding beliefs of The Vril
> Society, one of the "new age" groups in Weimar Germany which gave rise to
> Adolf Hitler. Godwin's broader discussion of this topic surely is one of the
> best in English, certainly the best I've found in available popular
> literature.
> "ARKTOS" also discusses the aforementioned W. A. Harbinson nove, "Genesis,"
> and I'll quote a couple of paragraphs here because they are directly
> responsive to Schwann's inquiry. As Professor Godwin cites his sources,
> perhaps they'll be of some help to you. (From "ARKTOS," p. 127):
> In the midst of a detailed discussion of the writings of Miguel Serrano, who
> is very problematic and somewhat alarming in his defense of "national
> socialism" given his context in South America (for reasons Godwin discusses),
> Godwin writes this:
> "But Serrano was only repeating a favorite theme of neo-Nazi and sensational
> literature. In his well-documented "The Hitler Survival Myth" (1981), Donald
> McKale identifies the earliest source of the myth of Hitler's escape to the
> southern hemisphere as the unexpected surrender of a German submarine in
> early July 1945 at Mar del Plata, Argentina. Several Buenos Aires newspapers,
> in defiance of Argentine Navy statements, said that rubber boats had been
> seen landing from it, and other submarines spotted in the area. One paper,
> "Critica," carried on on 17 July 1945 the report that Adolf Hitler and Eva
> Braun had landed from a U-530 in Antarctica, and mentioned the 1938-39
> expedition, as a result of which a "new Berchtesgaden" was "likely to have
> been built." This report received wide distribution through quotation in "Le
> Monde" and the "New York Times on 18 July; on the 16th, the "Chicago Times"
> had carried a sensational article on the Hitlers having slipped off to
> Argentina."
> "The myth of an Antarctic refuge, armed with flying saucers, reached its
> apotheosis in W. A. Harbinson's thriller (Genesis 1980). This develops the
> Jules-Vernian theme of a "Master of the World" who, thanks to the Nazi
> regime, has become a technocratic power before which even Washington and
> Moscow must quail. Harbinson supplements his fiction with an excellent list
> of factual sources about Nazi saucer-planes and Antarctic explorations.
> Another version of the myth appears in "Operation Orth" (1989), a strange and
> surely an ironic work by Jean Robin, one of the foremost authorities on Rene'
> Guenon and no lover of the "Counter-initiation" of which he holds Hitler to
> have been a primary, if unconscious, agent." (END quote.)
> [Farley]
> ARKTOS is worthy of study by those bent upon analysis of "UFOlogy" and much
> of its historical antecedent, as Vallee has obviously done early in his
> career. This has been facilitated by most of the "Hitler survival," and Vril
> Society (Thule Group) stuff being all the rage in France, with almost none in
> German and a bit in Italy and all over South America. Only the "fringe-iest"
> tidbits have made it to the US, kept at bay in the cellars of disaffected
> political groups who "believe they know something" but have neither the
> scholarship nor the historical context by which to frame what it is.
> Of course, the "myth" of Hitler and his occult leanings came in for treatment
> by the organized "skeptics," with those CSICOP publishers Prometheus Books
> putting out a 1995 hardback, "Hitler and the Occult." Authored by Ken
> Anderson, listed only as Australian author and journalist, this is a
> superficial and typically dismissive scrum to obscure and disinform a
> readership eager for an "off ramp" from the implications of the kind of thing
> ARKTOS and other less well-researched books, like Ravenscroft's "The Spear of
> Destiny" and Holly Skar's treatment of Nazi occultism, although I'm not
> disparaging either of these two latter mentions, which reflected good
> intentions.
> [The REALLY WEIRD elements of "UFOlogy"]
> Now, if you're REALLY interested and still with me, hang in. I'm going to
> titillate you from "ARKTOS." No doubt the guys at NIDS won't see this, as my
> stuff is banned out there, according to a well-placed CIA source, probably so
> that gaggle of "true believing" UFO scientists don't suffer any pangs of
> doubts about whom they serve.
> But for the rest of you with the courage to discomfit your minds, give this a
> whirl?
> Later, about "the Manisolas." In a chapter titled "The Black Order," ARKTOS
> author Godwin is discussing planetary symbolism ins some of the ancient
> traditions as these had been resurrected (sorry, no pun intended ;-) and
> described by Wilhelm Landig in "Gotzen gegen Thule," published in Hannover in
> 1971. It translates, so Godwin says, "roughly as 'Godlets against Thule,
> referring to Thule's perpetual battle with the petty divinities of the other
> races of mankind." Godwin notes that Landig subtitled his novel "a fiction
> full of facts." (We've seen some of those in UFOlogy?)
> Bringing Serrano's assertions into play, after noting that Serrano was what
> we now call "a Holocaust denier" (who termed it "the myth of the six
> million"), Godwin cites Serrano and paraphrases him thusly:
> (Godwin's recounting Serrano's contentions: "Unknown to almost everybody,
> Hitler's major energies during the World War went into experiments in
> "magical realism," which included the construction of flying saucers,
> dematerialization, submarine exploration of the Arctic, discreet contact with
> Tibet, and the pursuit of advanced science in the Antarctic or Arctic
> fastnesses. Then, with the fall of Berlin, he escaped through an underground
> passage that Albert Speer had designed, connecting the Bunker with Templehof
> Airfield, and entered another world. Serrano now joins hands with the Hollow
> Earthers, whom we will meet in Chapter Thirteen.
> (Quoting Serrano directly: "Had the German submarines discovered at the North
> Pole or in John Dee's Greenland the exact point through which one penetrates,
> as through a black funnel, going to connect with the Other Pole, emerging in
> that paradisal land and sea that are no longer here, yet exist? An
> impregnable paradise, from which one can continue the war and win it -- for
> when this war is lost, the other is won. The Golden Age, Ultima Thule,
> Hyperborea, the other side of things; so easy and so difficult to attain. The
> inner earth, the Other Earth, the counter-earth, the astral earth, to which
> one passes as it were with a "click"; a bilocation, or trilocation of space."
> (Serrano 1984).
> Godwin continues, and READ THIS, please: "It is one thing to read such stuff
> in that peculiar corner of literature that unites UFO and Hollow Earth
> enthusiasts with Nazi revisionists: for example, the publications of Ernst
> Zundel, "UFOs: Last Secret of the Third Reich" and "Secret Nazi Polar
> Expeditions." It is quite another thing, and a more disturbing one, to find
> the identical mixture spilling from a man in full command of the esoteric
> field and familiar with the corridors of worldly power. Serrano's latest book
> is called "Nacionalsocialismo, unica solucion para los pueblos de America del
> Sur." (National Socialism: The Only Solution for the Peoples of South
> America). It gives one the uneasy feeling that Pere Martin may have been onto
> something in his analysis of neo-Nazi activity in the countries concerned."
> [Farley] And finally this one, just to tickle your "metaphysical" ivories? Or
> would that be your teeth chattering with the familiar descriptions of "UFO
> phenomena," a la a warning Jacques Vallee has long given to us to keep our
> minds open to history?
> Back to Godwin's discussion of Landig's "fiction filled with facts," about
> Thule, et al. In a discussion of the Thulean pantheon, we have this
> introductory paragraph to a discussion about "UFOs" many on this list may not
> have considered, unless you've read the postings of Brother Blue or have been
> digging REALLY deep (and know who Bramley is, i.e., "Gods of Eden," although
> he didn't go into any of this as deeply).
> (Quoting Godwin, in ARKTOS, p. 65): "Given this universalist belief, Landig's
> Thuleans are far from being narrow racial suprematists. They are aware of an
> (quoting Landig) "esoteric world-center or headquarters of the etherically
> positive forces. It is the true Ultima Thule, not just of the Aryan peoples,
> but of the whole world." (Godwin's account of Landig, again.) "Only a few
> knew of its location, but it is not far -- in global terms -- from the polar
> base of Point 103. Other groups are in communication with it through
> telepathy. The ancient Egyptians knew it as the northern mountain, 'On'; the
> Tibetans call it Ri-rap-hlumpo.
> (NOW here's we go, UFO-nots. Fasten your seat belts!)
> Quoting ARKTOS's narrative of Landig's story line, which is itself sourced:
> "The supreme center manifests through phenomena called Manisolas, which heve
> been held since the earliest times in religious awe. An entirely different
> kind of UFO from the German disc-planes (HEY! BUY THE BOOK YOURSELVES!), the
> Manisolas are "bio-machines" which live, reproduce, and die through a
> seven-part life-cycle. They begin as circles of pure light, then crystallize
> into a metallic form with a high zirconium content. This is the female form,
> "mater-ialized." It then develops a masculine, phallic element, which brings
> it to the condition of androgynic equilibrium." Thereupon a regeneration
> process begins, and the nucleus of a new Manisola grows in its womb. For the
> sake of UFO buffs, I (Godwin) translate the continuation of this account
> (from Landig):
> "The regenerated part is expelled by the remaining mother-nucleus as a new
> energetic circle of light, corresponding to a birthing technique. This new
> circle enters on the same seven developmental stages, while the expelling
> maternal element rolls itself into a ball, which then explodes. The metallic
> remains contain particles of copper. The optical impressions that
> eyewitnesses of these Manisolas have had up to now are basically quite
> uniform. In the daytime they display an extremely bright gold or silver
> luminescence, sometimes with traces of rose-colored smoke which then often
> condense into greyish-white trails. At night the disks shine in glowing or
> glossy colors, showing on occasion long flames at the edges and red and blue
> sparks, which can grow so strong as to wreathe them in fire. Most remarkable
> is their power of reaction against pursuers, like that of a rational
> creature, far exceeding any possible electronic self-steering or radio
> control."
> [Farley]
> This is but a smattering of the well-researched, thoughtful scholarship of
> Godwin on these topics. Bur remember, the focus of the book is "what people
> have come to believe," and what it may have led them to do in support of or
> obeisance to same.
> Finally, back to Bruce Maccabee: What do YOU believe "they" are, Doc? Perhaps
> it is problematic that you guys chasing "how they work" and "what they are"
> have all gotten stuck in your physics? Maybe you need some "life sciences" &
> "occultist" types on your teams? And then follow these threads back through
> the funding of Joseph Campbell and his backers, and wonder whether the
> Billionaire Boys Club might have adapted some of this...or even succumbed to
> some of it... and have in their "UFOlogical" pursuits attempted to correct
> Hitler's errors and "get it right" in time to stave off their feared
> "planetary ecological disaster" and kneel us to UFOs?
> I wonder, Maccabee. I wonder. I wonder what Corso believed, and his
> apologists. And Maj. Donald Keyhoe. I'd hope these guys were not "closet
> Hollow Earthers."
> Or perhaps "Hollow Earth" is a metaphor for the inarticulate trying to fathom
> that there is "another reality" interpenetrating and interacting with aspects
> of our own?
> After Admiral Byrd's mythological "penetration of the land beyond the pole,"
> as one well-known conspiracist wrote seriously but incorrectly, (Amadeo
> Giannini, in "Worlds Beyond the Poles"), the entry of Hollow Earth theory
> into UFOlogy is described quite succinctly by ARKTOS author, Joscelyn Godwin,
> thusly:
> "Giannini's book was not widely advertised, but it did come to the notice of
> Ray Palmer, now editor of Flying Saucers, who wrote a reflective review of it
> in December 1959. It supplied exactly what had been missing ever since the
> Shaver Mystery had simmered down as a source for pulp material. Thus, Byrd's
> discovery of land beyond the poles entered the repertory of popular myths. It
> was cited at least a dozen times, beginning with the title-page, in Raymond
> Bernard's "The Hollow Earth" (1964, rev. ed. 1969), the definitive document
> of the hollow-earth school." (FARLEY notes: I've never been to a "UFO
> conference" where this book and many like it were not among the featured
> "conspiracy" items, with the UFOlogically hungry snapping 'em up!)
> Godwin concludes this element, writing of Raymond Bernard (who in 1956 went
> to Brazil to found an idealistic community and avoid nuclear war he feared
> inevitable by 1965...and from which locale he "heard in many reports from
> friends and strangers about tunnels leading to an underground realm, and the
> emergence of flying saucers from them." He (Bernard) then joined Dickhoff,
> "Doreal," "Brother Phillip," George Adamski, George Hunt Williamson, and Ray
> Palmer's stable of writers as a proponent of the interplanetary invasion
> theory that was to be given the widest currency by Robert Charroux and Eric
> van Daniken." Alas, what some folk believe!
> Anyway, Schwann. I hope this was somewhat responsive to your inquiry.
>above commentary by Dick Farley
> - - - - +


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